Contaminated Deliveries

Contaminated Containers & Trailers

Damaged Packaging / Goods

Less invasive contamination can be due to water damage or dirt due to fallen hanging bars etc. We then quality check your stock and eliminate good stock from bad, thus leading on to the required garment process specific to the needs of the job.

Incineration of Damaged Goods

If after inspection either by yourselves or your insurers, it is felt that your product is to be incinerated for brand protection, we can facilitate this and would utilise a registered disposal site specific to your needs. We can witness if necessary the incineration (if this method is chosen) and gain certification of incineration from the company used.

Insect Infestation

If you find damaged packaging / goods, you may also find that your goods are infested by insects. We can neutralise your stock by a gas and then process your garments leaving them clean and insect free.

Illegal Immigrants

The majority of our contaminated works is due to trailers being inhabited in transit – we work to your requirements and alongside your Insurers as instructed. We log everything found and ensure images are taken at regular intervals to record the delivery condition and contents. We salvage as much stock as possible.