Garment Cleaning / Odour Removal

All garments are received into Deans, stripped of the components / packaging and are either processed direct on site or sent for the related cleaning process by batch. After cleaning the garments are checked and repressed then the components / packaging are replaced as original, or done to new requirements.

Cleaning requirements vary from garments to footwear to accessories etc., these may include problems such as; mould removal, odour removal, colour run solving, water marking problems, general dirt issues. Whatever the problem, be it with a wet process such as washing, dry cleaning or other method such as Ozone Cleaning. Whatever the problem, we will try and resolve it for you

Ozone Cleaning
This process treats products with odours generated from the start of mould, fungus, bacteria, viruses, allergens and other volatile organic compounds. If the product does not require a wet process, it may be suitable to the dry ozone cleaning treatment which can remove the odour. If the product is not suitable to ozone treatment then we have a variety of other dry solutions to eliminate the odour.