Inspections and Sewing Services


  Besides our standard free of charge QC audit on all processing orders, we can provide inspections to identify garments and shoes with problems such as shading, oil marks, fabric and stitching faults as well as measurement checks. Our operatives are trained in applying a variety of commercial standards as required by you.

Sewing Services

Re-labelling and garment rectification are all handled in house. A wide range of services are available with a strict broken needle procedure being in force.

Metal Detection

Garments that have not been metal detected by the manufacturer or are possibly contaminated with metal fragments can be metal detected by our Lock inspection conveyor metal detector.

Bar Tacking

For childrenswear cords should only be decorative and to a specific length. If you find that they are not meeting the British Standard, we can shorten and bar tack garments to eliminate hazards.